Boiler up! Hammer down!

Purdue! Home of the new home for the year.

I’ve been here for almost three months and I have to say I LOVE IT but I have to admit, when I first arrived the first week was the hardest and all I wanted to do was go home. I had already hit the wall and missed all my family and friends at home and just kept thinking what have done?! But now that I look back, I giggle and think how silly I was. Granted I really missed home, I was in America and needed to ‘man up’ and I am so glad I did. Once classes begun and I got myself into a routine, met some amazing people I felt much more at home and comfortable.

So the question I had when I first left was is it all like the movies and what I see on tv?? To an extent it is! There are the frat houses, crazy house parties, shared bedrooms and bathrooms and so forth…I am extremely lucky, I managed to get a fellow exchange student from the UK as my room mate 🙂 so us both being in the same boat has helped us through this semester! Especially being abroad to have someone to share a room with is actually really good! Although we sometimes get on each others nevres (typically in the morning when getting ready for classes while the other is asleep) its nice to have someone to talk to every now and again 🙂

The campus is amazing! HUGE! 10x bigger than that of Lboro..but what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is the FREE yes FREE bus travel I have around campus and the town! Its soo helpful, I think it will be a blessing once it begins to snow ..something that I have mixed feelings about..apparently Purdue never closes even if there is heavy snow…and I mean heavy as in 10/20ft of snow

Classes here are tough…I think I’ve done more work here than I have ever done at Lboro.. be warned Americans work hard…compared to home there is far more reading and tests/quizes/ pop quizes. In the UK the mark we believe to be good ie a 2:1 or 2:2 roughly 60% is a D! Not very good…here everyone strives for 80% or higher which equates to a B- or higher! All that said it does feel amazing to get a paper or test back and see 100% or 98% !! But what I really like about the American education system here is they allow you study outside your ‘major’ which they call an elective. Even though my major is History only 3/5 of my subjects are actually History.

Being in America and being under 21 has its problems…the main one being unable to drink alcohol legally! You’re still allowed to enter clubs but going to the bar and buying drinks are illegal…even though I’m unable to drink it still doesn’t prevent you from having a good time, dancing the night away and making friends! Americans are extremely friendly and so are the fellow international students! Making friends here is easy especially if you have a British accent 😉 everyone LOVES IT and i MEAN THEY LOVE IT! I Be prepared if you come to America to hear the phrase…’Say something!’


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