Just an average day with the cops

I have to say one memory that stood out to me and makes me laugh each and every time is being stopped by the police in a friend’s car!

Even though it wasn’t for a serious reason,  I just laugh because it was his second time for the exact same reason…a burnt out headlight! My question to him was ” What if it’s the exact same police man that stopped you last time? What are you going to do or say? If it were me I’d act surprised or shocked and pretend I didn’t know~ ”

His expression :

Luckily enough it wasn’t and his reaction was exactly what exactly what I said I’d do…so I now had the poker face then burst into fits of laughter..!  All he got was a warning which isn’t too bad or serious but it will be a memory I will have forever  that will make me laugh each time I think of it! My first police encounter in America..thanks bro 😛 


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