Back to the Cornfields ^^

I have to say, it is well over due this post and I’m really sorry! Its been quite hectic since I returned to Purdue for the Spring Semester.

I knew when I went home for Christmas that coming back to Purdue would be different and I wasn’t wrong. Firstly, a number of my closest friends were also international exchange students from Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and England. Not only did I appreciate the time I spent with them exploring and getting to know West Lafayette I also appreciated the fact I was able to be here for one whole academic year. I think if I didn’t have this opportunity my time and experience here would not have been the same. By being here for one more semester I was able to take more amazing modules, meet new people, experience more of the erratic weather and even get a job!

Currently it’s the last day of Spring break at Purdue. Although I wasn’t able to do the stereotypical American thing and hit Miami or Florida I still managed to have a good break! Staying at Purdue allowed me to get to know the area more, explore and appreciate the “city” where I’ve been staying for almost a year. Even though it is small, it is a friendly and welcoming place that is easy to roam about. What helped even more is that the weather here has been amazingly HOT at 28 degrees Celsius! For March it is extremely hot and I can only imagine what summer will be like again..most likely 30 degrees or more just like when I arrived last August.

Today being the last day of break means its back to reality and the last hurdle of the academic year,  plus work! (I managed to get a job at one of the student restaurants and work night shifts which is only last 4-5 hours so it isn’t as horrible as it sounds) I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I made here. Not only do I get to make some extra cash, the people that I work with are also students and they are amazing. The working environment is fun and friendly, so friendly that we even teach our supervisor (also a student) English Slang words and play pranks on one another. The people who work with me are mostly students and are in the exact same position as me. But what I find amazing is that many of them hold more than one job and yet still have time to study! I guess I have more to learn about time management ^^’ !

Spring break also marks the middle of the spring semester which means my time here is almost over and dead week plus finals are fast approaching  😦 I calculated that I have just under 7 weeks until I wave goodbye to Purdue. I honestly cannot believe how fast time has flown, I still remember the day I registered as a student and soon I will have to leave…but first I must survive the next few weeks before I even contemplate packing and booking flights to tour North America.

Luckily I finish my last exams early on the 3.05.2012, which means I have almost a month to explore America before I return home. I cannot wait to visit places like the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LA, Washington DC, NY and Canada even though it will inevitably cost a bomb one thing an exchange student must do is T.R.A.V.E.L and E.X.P.L.O.R.E . I think those extra shifts and penny saving will be of use and totally worth it!


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