Ah, I cannot believe that within 2 weeks or so it will be the big festive season of Christmas…or better yet the season to get fat and jolly! Even though I am excited to be home for the holidays it means a number of deadlines are around the corner. Rather, than me writing up a chapter for my dissertation which is due this week, I chose to write this blog post…no better time than the present eh?

What strikes me though, is that one whole semester has flown by ridiculously quick.  Which means my student life is almost over…and working life awaits me. The joy…I think I would feel more happy about my future if I actually knew what I wanted to do. There are times when I look at my friends and get jealous…they all know what they want and are finding ways to get there…I wish I had their certainty and drive. But then I think to myself, I rather take my time to find what I want in life and enjoy it over jumping in and hating it..I like to think I’m not the only one like this.

Even writing my final year paper is difficult for me. I can’t even decide which chapter to write up! How on earth am I so indecisive?


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