Chinese class

After my year in America I choose to study Chinese at my home University. For some strange reason I was put in the highest class and the most advanced- even though I had only studied it for 3 months! If you look at the photos you can notice most of the students have prior knowledge and understanding of the language and many have taken Mandarin as an A-Level. Soo my initial reaction upon entering the class was PURE FEAR.

Even though my heritage is Chinese, I speak minimal to no Chinese (Mandarin) at all. My parents were both born in Mauritius…so they know French, English and a small Chinese dialect called Hakka. Myself, I know the first two and only food in Hakka…not very helpful at all!!


Although I have to say I loved every minute of this class…the amount of laughter and jokes made it more fun and I could not have asked for a better final year module! The teachers were both amazing and so so helpful. I just hope that I remember everything they taught me =|


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