Stay-Cation 2013 pt. 1

So this year rather than head somewhere exotic and far far away me and the family decided to stay put in the UK. First on the agenda – Bristol.

This was my first time visiting Bristol and I can see why my eldest sister loves this city soo much. Luckily she knows her way around and the places to eat. For this trip we went to see the International Hot air balloon Fiesta. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed and in awe of what I saw.

During the weekend, rather than stay in travel lodge or a B&B my sister rented an apartment. This apartment was spectacular! The interior was modern, clean and sleek. What’s best was the view. She managed to bag a riverside apartment and this was the view…


One day if I have enough money… I would love a place like that. But first, must get a job 😦 .

The balloons were amazing. Unfortunately, I didn’t see them being blown up as we were stuck in traffic but I did see them in the air and even managed to see a LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY one!! Soo lucky. Even managed to see a Stuart Minion one!! 😀

One downside of the fiesta, some people are just plain rude and impatient. As you know I was with my sister, she has a young daughter who is 4. So walking with her you need to be careful. As I was walking past a young lady thinking I could do understand her said, ‘Look at this Chinese, getting in my way.’ I was highly tempted to say, ‘ Look, I’m with a child here look, grow up.’ Think that’s bad, another young guy around my age or younger just shouts to us from behind ‘Get out my fucking way, hurry up’ but luckily who ever was with him has enough decency and respect to tell him to shut up and be quiet. She noticed we had prams and a number of young children with us.

On a quick side note-I do sometimes question the youth of the UK. Sometimes I think it’s getting uglier for its own good. Many are becoming rude and disrespectful and its sad. Only time will tell if it will change, I sure hope it does.

Here are some snapshots of my time in Bristol…amazeballs. 😛



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