Hello, ‘Miss’ ?!

Well, it’s at that time of month where the sun sets early and the weather is becoming more and more nippy. It’s time for the sweaters to come out, the woolies and time to curl up on the sofa with fluffy blankets and a hot chocolate. Soon pumpkin this and pumpkin that will be rolled out…have to admit I am quite partial to a pumpkin latte! I think it began when I lived in the USA and I got addicted to Starbucks…..

On another note, to gain more experience and get me out the house I have began to volunteer at my old school. I have to say it is surreal returning and this time being on the other side. I feel that I should be the one in the chair, listening and taking notes. Rather I am now being called ‘Miss’ asked for help and advice. However much older I may be, or more knowledgeable I am definitely not taller than them, even the year 7s and 8s…well I am only 5ft. Quite diddy… The reason why I’m back at school is because I am exploring my options in terms of my future career.

I’ve been contemplating a career in teaching and by being in the classroom I hope to see and get a real feel of the industry. So far, I have been observing the class, roaming around and asking students random questions. But honestly, I’m not feeling that spark. That feeling you should get when you like or enjoy something and I am beginning to question if I want to teach. Perhaps I just need to stick it out a little longer? See and experience more of what teaching has to offer. If I am lucky enough, maybe I will be able to lead a class or small group and actually feel like a teacher? Who knows maybe I’ll get that feeling later, or maybe not at all?

Wish me luck! I have a few more weeks of volunteering 🙂  If teaching is not for me, its back to the drawing board. But I am looking into industries like research and marketing, so not all is lost!


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