Asian Drama Addict!

I knew it would be a bad idea, but the temptation to watch an Asian Drama was too strong. I just had to click on the Viki icon and fulfil my need for some classic romantic cheese that Asian Dramas offer!

Unlike that of the British soaps, Asian Dramas suck me in. I can’t help but press the next episode button again and again…I can easily spend a whole day watching a series. They offer everything a female or male could want. Action, drama, romance, comedy and pure cheese on a cracker…I continuously watch these dramas from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China and cannot seem to stop. I went through a phase where I watched no western tv but rather streamed a number of dramas instead…sleeping late at 3am, going to classes for the day, study and then again dramas. I have to say, they are my guilty pleasure.

Every time I watch a drama series, I fall in love with the plot line (no matter how predictable) and actors. I think it’s something about the classic girl meets boy plot line. They fall for each other but something stands in their way. However, they somehow they manage to work through all the obstacles and fall deeply in love and live happily ever after. It’s this classic yet timeless script that I never tire of. Now and again there will be action, more music or more drama. But what ever it is, I know it will be good and have me on the edge of my seat.

Momentarily I will again click the ‘next episode’ button on Viki. Episode 5 for ‘Love around’ or  真愛黑白配


‘Zhou Zhen (George Hu) is a tough gangster’s son who has a soft spot for protecting the weak from bullies. Liang Xiao Shu (Annie Chen) is a happy-go-lucky and bubbly radio DJ who is optimistic about love although a little naïve. After Zhen breaks up with his girlfriend, she runs into Xiao Shu at a ballpark. Can the unlikely pair, both unlucky in love, possibly find something in common that will reignite their faith in love? “Love Around” is a 2013 Taiwanese romantic drama series that reunites the popular stars George Hu and Annie Chen, who co-starred in the hit 2012 drama “Love, Now.”

(taken from Viki

I have to say…this drama is pretty cute! The actor is pretty good looking aswell, bonus! 😀 I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in another drama I loved called Romantic Princess (also Taiwanese) but his character is totally the opposite…either way I am enjoying wasting hours of my day watching this drama and ironically practising my Mandarin? (Well that is what I’m telling myself when I spend hours of my day watching this…it helps.)

Notice, the stereotypical plot line? Girl meets boy in an unlikely place and time..somehow fate makes them meet again and it’s all history. It seems never to get old. I think it is something about this idea that people like me and others wishfully hope our lives will play out like dramas. That one day, no matter the circumstances Mr. Right or Miss. Right will somehow come into our lives and one day our lives will end like an Asian Drama – living happily ever after and in love.

I have to admit…I wishfully want this to happen. Who doesn’t want their life to end up like a Asian Drama , minus all the drama and problems and fast forward to the end, to the happy ending… Yes please! But for now, while i’m still finding my way I shall get my daily dose of romantic comedy and cheese from Asian Dramas…I don’t think I will ever grow out of them or give them up. I am an addict. And proud of it.


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