Home sweet home

Home sweet home

This morning, one of my friends posted this on my wall. I have to say, it makes me miss home! It’s been so long since I’ve flown home to Mauritius and I miss it more than ever. To be honest, more recently a few friends have shared a similar link with me…

I think the last tie I flew back was in 2010 with my sister. I don’t usually go back often, but with all these photos and people asking about what it’s like, I’m starting to get a tad homesick. Even though it is a home away from home you can’t beat it. The sun, sand, food, weather and people. Not to mention most of my family live there, it’s an excuse to have lots of parties, eat good food and check into a hotel for a bit. Nothing beats some pampering, hotel style and even better I get local rates! (Sorry don’t mean to rub it in).

But indeed, now that i’ve graduated I have all the time in the world but no money to fund this trip. If I think realistically in another couple years perhaps I’ll be able to fly home. See some family and friends and relax on the beach for weeks on end. If you haven’t been there, it’s something you should look into. Weirdly enough, many people actually haven’t heard of Mauritius. Well it is a little tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. Just to the right of Madagascar. Have a look on a map and you should see a tinnny dot. There it is! Although it may be small, it is beautiful and one of the places to visit before you die (if I say so myself). But don’t just stay up North, venture around the island. See what it has to offer, if anything ask a local and experience Mauritius for what it really is!

Perhaps later on, I may write another post on places to see, eat and stay when in Mauritius from a local’s perspective 🙂

For now just enjoy some images of a place I call home from the link I copied in.



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