Christmas time :)

So it is officially Christmas here!! So Merry Christmas to you all!!

This is the first year I’ve been away from my family and friends and I have to say, I do miss them. It’s strange that I am not going to be around the tree with them nor am I going to gorge on lots of yummy food! For me, Christmas is the time to be merry and get fat…

Even though I am apart from my family I have made a new one here 🙂 I have soo many great people around me in Beijing and I know full well without them this internship would be very different. I know tomorrow’s dinner will be amazing and I look forward to it! For example today, Christmas eve, we ventured to the Summer Palace, of all things…how many people can say they have done that right? One thing for sure, I will have memories to last a lifetime!

But for now as I lie tucked in bed, resisting the temptation to open my gifts I sit here watching some good old UK TV. I am missing all the films and TV shows shown around this time…


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