Beijing…What to make of it..

So now that it is 2014 I’ve made my resolutions and whether or not  I will keep them is the question. Year upon year I make the promise to myself that I will work harder, I’ll lose X amount of weight etc etc. Honestly, these last only a few weeks until I cave and reach for the cake and lounge on the sofa.

When people ask me how are you finding Beijing or your time in China, I honestly don’t know how to answer. When I come to think about it, Beijing has been a mixed bag for me. Majority of the time I have been ill. Either adjusting to the hazardous pollution that leaves your throat dry and strange or a virus/ cold that is going round the intern group. The moment I am better my roomates or friends become ill and it circles back.

Am I never to be well? Just last week, my dear roomie gave me food poisoning with her cooking. With all things, hotpot. I put it down to the stock…it came in the form of a paste and it wasn’t boiled or cooked and I believe that did not bode well with my stomach. That night and the nights to follow were spent me curled up into ball or running to the bathroom throwing my guts up. I’m not sure what it is but whenever I get ill, I get insanely homesick and want my family and home comforts. So because of this, I am currently sitting at home in my onesie updating my blog. It has been almost 5 days since and even though I am better, I feel weak and tired a lot. I put this down to a zero food intake or cracker diet I have been on for the past week or so. I’m tired of crackers I just about manage plain mushy boiled rice….I crave flavour, salt, spice….food in general!

I do love my roomie though. Even though she knows my stomach is dodge, she will still invite and beg me to eat at a Michelin star restaurant or the famous Beijing Peking DUCK! I do love her enthusiasm. Hopefully soon, food can be on the menu again!!

But overall…What do I make of Beijing? I’m still working it out…there are times where I love this city but there are times where I don’t and it tends starts with the sound of someone spitting….


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