Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from the Great Wall of CHINA!

I have to say this is an epic way to celebrate and welcome in 2014. So me and the other interns thought a 9am start to visit the wall would be an amazing idea after a night out in the town. Some rolled out of bed literally and some didn’t make it out their rooms…but for those that did saw sights, rode the cable cart and toboggan all thought it was worth it.

Being China and out in the middle of nowhere we all thought….layer up. IT will be cold. THERMALS…LAYERS and good shoes. However as you can see from the photos….it was actually warm!! We were all stripping off on the wall, it was sunny and warm for a change. A brilliant first day to the new year.

So the part we ventured to is called Mutianyu. This part isn’t as crowded as Badaling or Juyongguan and it apparently ‘allows you to walk for more than an hour as you explore 22 watchtowers and the valleys on both sides of the wall.’ Even though we didn’t spend long there due to our transport, what we saw was pretty amazing. The views..fresh air and exercise.

P1060143 P1060146

P1060188P1060176 P1060196P1060185


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