20 Things That Change After Living In China

My time in China has taught me all of this…and more.

Wander Onwards

I can feel my opinions of what is socially/morally/economically acceptable change as my experience in China continues… Here are the main 20.

1. Hot water is king. It’s cured everything for generations and will continue to do so into the future.


2. There are indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. You’re not a barbarian.


3. It is 100% acceptable to eat an entire meal out of a plastic bag.

plastic bag

4. The party doesn’t REALLY start till 1am.


5. If you’re sick, wear a mask. It’s only the polite thing to do since you’re a walking biohazard.


6. If you need to spit, you probably should… indoors, outdoors, with your in-laws, with your employer, etc etc. The world is fair game.


7. Street signs are optional. Traffic is based on the discrepancy of the traffic flow.


8. Everyone has a price… even doctors.


9. Personal space is a luxury for rich people.

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