Home time

So I’ve been home for a little over a week now and I definitely have the holiday blues and a cold! I’m still trying to work out whether I have a cold or my body is both adjusting to the fresh air of London and ejecting all the pollution in my lungs…

I miss being in Beijing, the hustle and bustle (minus the ridiculous pollution). Even though I was working Monday to Friday I still have the energy (most days) to do something after work and on the weekends. I miss being able to eat out most nights. Hop on a train for 20p or a taxi for £2.50! Oh and the food…I do miss the random street stalls and milk teas!!

Now I’m back in the UK, I am pretty much broke from my travels around China (which I am currently writing up for the blog and sifting through quite alot of photos) and in the process of looking for a full time graduate scheme or job. Sounds delightful right? How nice would it be to fly back to China or else where and put off working a 9-5. But I guess it’s time to settle down in London and look for a job. I am lucky to live here because thousands of people or more flock to this city to live and work where as I have always had a London postcode. I just have to knuckle down and decided what I want to do for the next few years…easy enough. T.T


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