Timeout Beijing.

For the second month of my internship in Beijing I was lucky enough to work at Timeout Beijing. Already an established and well known brand in London I was pretty happy and excited…minus all the mess with my internship programme. (which is a very long story and required numerous emails and calls).

So at Timeout I was an ‘editorial assistant’ which meant I was helping out the editors with the website, blogs, errands, phone calls (Chinese and English) and transcribing interviews. The people were really nice and friendly. And because it was an international company all of them spoke English which made me super happy, especially after my last placement at IEEPA! 

So over my 3/4 weeks there was able to work on the website and both the Feb and March edition of the magazine!! Even though it was small, within the February issue I was give the small task to write about the XYZ cocktail. So outlining it’s history, ingredients and where to drink it in Beijing my 400 or so words made it to the Food and Drinks section. Likewise for March, I was given another opportunity to put my name in the magazine but this time for the Mind and Body section. 

For this feature I was able to attend an aerial silks class and write about it. Seriously though, after three days my body ached from just a 90 minute class. It was a full body workout and I didn’t even notice it until after. Just to think, this was my first class and all I did was learn to climb and do one move…once you become advanced your body and strength will be undeniably good. If there is a class in London which I can afford I will seriously consider taking part! 

So overall, my second placement was FAR better than my first. I was lucky to find this job and secure an internship with them. I feel truly blessed to have been able to go to Beijing and work. Not only does it look fantastic on my CV but it’s given me an amazing experience, memories and friends!

Hopefully soon, I will be able to post up the links to my work at Timeout 🙂 




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