Banana tree restaurant, tried and tested

So, with my NatWest student account transferring into a graduate one *sobs* I no longer have a rail card with them. Which means, no more discounted travel. Even on the the London underground! As if London transport wasn’t expensive even with the discount, it’s going to be far more now. But on the up side, NatWest gives me a free taste card! Giving me discounts or 2 for 1 on meals I sure am happy and taking advantage!

So recently, I walked past Banana Tree, Soho and noticed how busy it was even at 9pm on a weeknight. Checking out it’s menu, the food sounded delicious and affordable. Finding out it accepted taste card I was sold instantly. To be honest if you combine my two favourite things; food and a good bargin it’s a pretty easy sell…

But, the food. I myself ordered the string tied braised pork belly with coconut juice. Upgrading it to a combo, it came with rice, prawn crackers, salad and sweet corn cakes. So coming in at £11.50 it was preettty good. The food itself was actually quite yummy (once i scrapped the fat). The meat just fell to pieces, the sauce tasted great. Even the salad dressing was delicious! I’d def go again, try another dish and combo it up!



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