Stuck in a rut…

One thing that I have noticed is, my Instagram and YouTube channels are filled with various make up and fashion gurus. I get soo much inspiration from them yet I actually don’t translate this into reality. Every time I see a picture or watch a video I think to myself, “ooooh that’s nice, that could work on me…” yet I actually don’t step out and try it. Or wear it in public. Strange eh? Perhaps, I’m just stuck in a rut or far too comfortable wearing jeans and a hoodie, with no makeup….

I have been told, I don’t dress for my age. Maybe without me knowing my subconscious is telling me not to grow up…perhaps I should take the plunge, wear more heels, be more girly and use accessories a bit. And hell, wear more makeup…if I can ever break free of my bed in the mornings…


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