Chicken pox remedies

Right, so at 23 I manage to catch the chicken pox. As it more severe and dangerous as an adult I’ve done a bit of research on what the symptoms are and what remedies work. Some which I have put to the test and others I will later.

So what have I used or done to help with the chicken pox?

  • Keep hydrated and have a good diet. After all, our body is trying to fight off a virus.
  • Make sure to cut the nails short. And keep them clean.
  • Wear mittens/ gloves to sleep so no itching when you sleep occurs. EVEN ADULTS should wear them to sleep…you never know!
  • Paracetamol– this helped me with my fever and headaches. Two before bed, worked magic.
  • Antihistamines969eb9b0bce5fe14424e7e514f5c8b3be7644275907dea3c72e1fffb2617c069like piriton or cetirizine  are medicines block the action of a chemical in the body called histamine. This helps reduce the symptoms of allergies such as redness, itching and swelling.
  • Aqueous Calamine cream– much better than the lotion, because when the lotion dries it actually makes you more itchy. For me, this worked quite well and soothed my itchiness
  • Virasoothe Gel – this was recommended by my sister. Using this on her daughter it helped alot. It’s cooling and does help with the itch!
  • Have oatmeal and or bicarbonate of soda baths. Adding either or both to warm water helps soothe the itch and can actually help dry out the pox.
  • For the baths, all I did was place some oats and bicarb’ in an old pair of tights and run the water. Slowly, the oats will infuse the water and works its magic.
  • Pat down your itchiness with a warm flannel. To help soothe and dry my pox out, I mixed a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and the water and gently wiped the flannel over my body.oats
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Make sure the bedroom is well ventilated

So far these are working a treat for me. It’s now been 3 days since my rash appeared, and a few of the pox have crusted over. Even though I currently look hideous with all the scabs and blisters, I know it means that I am in the healing process. Soon, hopefully soon, my scabs will fall off and I can see what I am left with. Hopefully minimal scarring as I haven’t scratched them! BUT I have researched a few scarring remedies that might be interesting and fun to test out…I might put this to use when I’m travelling in Thailand! Which reminds me, I must readjust my suitcase…less sleeveless tops, more long sleeves =.=



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