Chicken pox

Oh the chicken pox, a common and mild childhood illness most people get when they are young… except me.

Chicken pox

When my 5 year old niece caught broke out in rashes, my mind went  haywire…did I have it when I was younger, or didn’t I? I specifically remember having some sort of rash when I was 3 in Mauritius. I just remember lying and rolling on the tile floors in the airport to cool down, I got a lot of stares…

Well, anyways because i am due to fly to Thailand within the next two weeks I have been more anxious about this and even had a blood test. The results were due this Friday, but I obviously don’t have the anti-bodies for the virus.

When I saw my niece with the rash I felt sorry for her, she looked miserable and in pain. She got off lightly..I am literally covered head to toe in spots, blisters and scabs. I’m fighting the urge to scratch…luckily from what I am aware of, I haven’t! But I have this weird feeling, I will still scar. I have a few deep painful ones. Are they meant to hurt? Even though some are dry and scabby, they actually hurt when I move…is that normal?

Well one thing for sure is, I will never again complain about a spot on my face! I avoid mirrors if I can, because my face looks horrid. Full of bumps, blisters and scabs. I pray none scar…bio oil will be my new best friend…and the sun will be my enemy! How will I survive in Thailand? So much for soaking up the sun rays and coming back with a golden glow!


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