Chicken pox update

It’s been about 10 days since my chicken pox blistered, which means I’m all good to travel tomorrow… waaaahey!

Although scabs still remain over my body, especially my back those that have fallen off have left a number of red dots and scars over my body. Not willing to take the risk, especially on my face I’ve been using bio oil. Happy to say, within the past couple days they have lightened!

But bear in mind, I have also been avoiding sun exposure and when I do go out I use at least SPF 30 on my face and body. Using my regular beauty regime of cleanse, tone and moisturise using my CLINQUE and Cetahpil it seems to be working well.


Here’s an image of my face and the slow fading of the marks over the past week.

But my body remains scabbed, and I know there a few deep ones, which have yet to fall off…but hopefully with my trusty bio oil and exfoliation the pigments on my body will fade. But for now as the scabs remain, gentle cleansing is needed or I may risk more damage to my skin.


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