Big Easy- Bar.B.Q Crab shack.


Finally, I repeat finally, after planning, postponing and cancelling, I have eaten at Big Easy! Yes- you would think that going to a restaurant and eating would be simple, but oh, no..

Moving away from that, lets talk about Big Easy serving both barbecue and seafood dishes! If you were to combine two styles of food that I love, this would be it! When I sat down and read the menu, I had a huge smile on my face, I was happy with what I saw. (Then again, food generally makes me happy.) The only issue me and le bf had was, what should we order?!

I settled for the Lobster Bake coming in at £19.50.  According to the menus it was made ‘from [their] wood Burning oven’ and came with ‘Half 1½ lb Lobster, Peel ‘n’ Eat Jumbo Shrimp, Mussels, Crab Claws & New Potatoes, Hot ‘n’ Spicy or Garlic White Wine Sauce.’ I was sold, that amount and selection of seafood, how could I not see myself enjoying it?


What did the mister go for? Meat. To be more exact, he chose The ‘Taste-o-rama!’ for £15.95 with a side- a cornmeal muffin. The taste-o-rama, (which was very popular that night) has ‘Pit-Smoked Bar.B.Q Chicken, Dry-rubbed St Louis Pork ribs, Carolina Pulled Pork.’ *Drool.



And for drinks? A Shirley Temple – Ginger beer, grenadine & lime. Non alcoholic, yet delicious.

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 I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, shown by my empty plate at the end of the meal. Be forewarned, this meal is not a romantic night out. It’s a meal to get your hands dirty, you’ll be peeling prawns, digging out crab/lobster meat and if you’re like me you will get stuck right in. Just don’t do what I did by sending a mussel flying onto the gentleman next to you. Or send some of my lobster flying when I tried to crack it…Luckily, he took it well and was wearing short sleeves!

Note for the guys- pee beforehand or be prepared to walk a long way. Be ready to go up stairs, down some stairs, through doors and corridors…yes you will be on the right path, just keep going. This picture of the door and corridor will reassure you…I hope.


 For the ladies, no worries. Just go to the door and you’re there, waahey!

All in all, I think I will eat here again. I think it’s great for a large group as they offer platters but also the atmosphere seemed fantastic. It had a fun vibe and you could see everyone getting stuck in!

 If you guys fancy dining here, booking is necessary. I advise you to look at OpenTable and book there.


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