Watermelon shake!


It’s currently 30 degrees in London right now and I’m boiling away in the office, a major cool down is needed. All I can seem to think about, and what I am truly craving is, a watermelon shake!



Fresh, sweet and full of water, this is one of my favourite fruits to eat all year round. It is especially loved during these hot summer months- when I can be bothered to lug one home with me on the bus!

So the watermelon shake, what is it and how is it made?

What you will need:

  • watermelon, needs to be cut into smaller pieces
  • syrup (boil together some water and sugar and allow to cool)
  • ice
  • some water

I personally don’t measure the ingredients, I do it by taste and how greedy I feel that day.


Blitz this in a blender. Taste, add some extra syrup, watermelon or ice if needed and you’re done!

Sometimes, if I have any, I add a couple strawberries into the mix. It tastes delicious and sweet, AND means I’m getting 2 out of my 7 a day!

IMGP9950 - stor redigert

Likewise, if I happen to have any, I sometimes like to add Boba to the drink. A little spin off to my favourite beverage- bubble tea. Fresh, icy with the surprise of bursting lychee bubbles its a drink I love to drink- especially in this heat.




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