Pink Rosy Bow.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed I’ve been in a girly mood recently. Not only have I been buying new items for my wardrobe, I’m building up my makeup collection…and actually using them! There are times when I go on shopping sprees, buy clothes, accessories and makeup , yet I don’t wear them. I know I’m not the only one…and I attribute this to either laziness or a lack of self confidence. But, I think it’s about time I make a little more effort…or at least try to!

First up…a gift from my boyfriend’s Mumma. Rosy bow Dior nail varnish. A delightful pink colour, it brightened up my mood instantly.


I loved this nail varnish. It’s application was great, the brush itself you could tell was designed, tested and perfected. I only used two coats and yet this varnish lasted days! Days of washing dishes, playing with my little niece, going to the gym etc. Definitely a great gift!

Another little beauty buy was Rimmel London’s Apocalips from Superdrug. This product has been around for a while, but as they had a deal on I thought it was high time I bought it. The deal was, if I spent £10 on Rimmel London products I could get their lash accelerator for free. Since this product itself is worth £7.99 I thought it was well worth it!


After several colour swatches and dilly dallying, I finally settled on “meteoric matte”.I don’t wear much makeup, but even I was amazed how much a little does. This lip colour is so so pigmented, my initial reaction was woooah. But a good woooah. The only thing is, it made my lips feel a tad bit dry, but nothing a layer of lip balm couldn’t solve (if only I had remembered to bring it). So to qualify for this deal, I had to spend £10 and I decided to buy Rimmel London’s “Brow this way”. I have naturally dark, thick eyebrows which my boyfriend lovingly calls caterpillars and I thought perhaps this product could help tame them. My eyebrows have a mind of their own, not only are they very thick and dark, they don’t even grow the same. One is naturally a different shape to the other, and they grow back super quick. When I had them threaded earlier this month, even the beautician found them difficult to shape and match! Oh dear. At least thick eyebrows are in…finally. I’ve been rocking them since day 1.


I think in total I spent £10.48 and so far I am super happy with everything I have. I have yet to try the mascara, and will soon put this to the test. There has only been one brand that doesn’t turn me into a panda, and that CLINQUE, but only one specific product. I have very oriental eyes, with short lashes so most mascaras even if they are waterproof turns transforms my look within an hour or two, and not for the better. So this will be interesting!



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