Has it really been a year since I left for Beijing?

Today marks one year since I flew out to Beijing. My second international adventure. I remember waking up super early, double checking, triple checking and checking some more that everything was in order. Passport, padlock keys, ticket, insurance etc. All was in order and I was en route to London Heathrow… What ever I had forgotten at home, I would have to do without.

What exactly was I going to do in China? An internship with the British council and CRCC Asia. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to be accepted on Generation UK which funded my time abroad. Accommodation, insurance and the course fee was all paid for, all I had to pay was flights and spending money.


I have to admit my Chinese isn’t that great. I may have been in the advance level at university but when I arrived my skills proved to be poor. I’m pretty sure that now, my Chinese is even worse because of the lack of practice! Anyone want to tutor me?? I put this down to the lack of confidence I have in myself. Even when it comes to speaking French I have no courage which has resulted in my speaking being utterly poor and non existent compared to my reading and listening skills…maybe I need more classes or a pen pal.

Either way, today marks 365 days since I flew to China. What an experience it was. I’ve never been to Beijing before, nor had I thought I’d work there. But there I was inhaling the hazardous pollution while I looked at my new home. And I was happy and excited. A new adventure was on the cards for me and it was great. Not only did meet the most amazing people ever, it gave me the best experience and memories I could ever wished for.


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