Lazy Girl

Sorry guys, I’ve been a bit AWOL. Not only have I been super busy, I’ve been kind of, well, lazy.

Even though I now work a regular 9:30-6pm job I feel more tired than when I worked 7 days a week! I definitely was more fit and slim when I worked 2 jobs. My job at Dune (London Covent Garden Branch ) had me running all over the shop. Up and down stairs and all around the basement…weirdly enough I miss it. Yes, ok I did tend to complain a lot about it and how unhappy I was there but it had it’s positives. I met some great people there, and it did help me be more active…now I sit at a desk for 8 hours, and stuff my face with food. But not all time, just most of the time which has led me to gain too much weight for my liking.

When I reach home, all I want to do is shower, eat and relax. Where can I fit in my exercise?! For me there just isn’t enough time during the week 😥 and my weekends are packed with language classes, blogging and learning to driving… I am in some major need of organisation and motivation. Does anyone have any advice?


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