Incapable of moderation

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about myself it’s that I can’t do anything in moderation. Weird right, and that statement is probably a tad confusing so let me put this into perspective.

If there is one thing I do to an extreme it’s watching online dramas (Asian) or animes. Don’t judge, but if I start a new series I will attempt to watch as many episodes humanly possible for me. Even if I have work the next morning, if I get hooked that’s it. I’ll watch it en route to work and home, maybe during my lunch break and possibly until 3am…I will enter my bubble and I won’t resurface until I’ve watched everything. Sometimes I wonder if I was born on the right continent…but I guess that is why I love to travel so much.

Ok let’s put it another way. Fairytail, my current favourite anime. I started watching this just over a month ago…and I am now up to date “patiently” waiting for the next episode to be released. That means I blasted through  234 episodes in approximately – let me be nice on myself and say 40 days. That means I watched 6 episodes in a day…actually, not as bad as I thought.

Anime viewes

My theory, watching these serials be they anime or Taiwanese or Korean dramas allows me to detach myself from reality. It allows me to immerse myself into these fictional characters and worlds that are far better than my own. Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t bad and I’m not unhappy but sometimes I feel like I’m just missing something… or there is something I’m not up to facing. Maybe it’s the impending departure of my sister? (She and her family are emigrating to Australia, the other side of the world.) But then I think, why don’t I use my time more productively? Why not use that time to blog more, study or even get fit? Am I just becoming a lazy sod…? I really don’t get it, and this post is rant or emo like and I promise the next won’t be!

On a side note, I’ve just finished watching Pinocchio! Loved it, then again, I am a softie deep down. Romance and utter cheese isn’t quite dead for me… I just prefer seeing it on a screen than experiencing it. (weird huh?)


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