Clarisonic Mia 2

If there is something I’m a sucker for it’s skincare. I think this stems from my time at University where my skin because so bad, I had a new unwelcomed guest on my face. Honestly, no acne products would work and I eventually went on medication and used a prescribed cream. I think I remained on this for 18 months before I finally felt comfortable in my own skin.

Up until now, my skin has been relatively clean and clear. Only when I started working in the office has my skin begun to play up. *sobs* one or two pimples I can handle but these massive painful and angry red Ines just bum me out. I currently have 4 clustered on my right cheek and for some reason, my eyebrows?!

Well enough is enough and it’s time to invest MORE money into my skincare regime and buy a clarisonic. I took the plunge and bought the mia 2 RRP £125. Yes I know it’s a pricey piece of equipment and it does have some risks, but I guess everything does. I’ve done my research, it works for some and for others it doesn’t. People have said their skin broke out even more, yet people have claimed their skin has never been better. I’m hoping I’m in the latter group.

clarisonic - jmwong91

My plan, ease my skin into the process of this deep cleaning. Perhaps use it in the evening to remove the gunk of the day, but every other day? Slowly I will then build up the frequency and pray my skin will not purge itself or break out too much. *crossed fingers* the one thing I must must remember, is to be patient. The one thing I cannot do when it comes to my skin…


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