#throwbackthursday something landed in my work email. An invite to the ministry of sound launch party. Oh yes, that caught my eye although I didn’t get hit the RSVP button till a week after.

If I’m honest, partying, dancing and drinking isn’t my thing anymore. I’m not really sure if it ever was. Yes at University I would hit the union for nights out, but not as much as you would expect. Oh well…, I just became accustomed to staying in with friends, ordering takeaway and watching films. It hasn’t really changed.

Back to Ministry of Sound. It strongly reminded me of my union parties. The blarringly (is that a word?) Loud music beats, the stares and pats to my head, crowds of people at the bar taking advantage of the free drinks. It was a nice flashback, and it was great to be surrounded by my work colleagues.

My favourite part of the night, the free bar -well when they said free and I had assumed all it would run all night, but rather it ended at 10 pm (peak time to be drunk) … and then resumed when I left at 11. Don’t judge the early night. Not only was my last bus at 00:16 I had work the next day! Well either way, my favourite part of the evening, the photobooth! Everyone loves a good photo!



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