Hello 2016

2016 a new year,  a new start.

With that said, here is a small list of my plans or resolutions. Hopefully most of them will become a reality

1: Work harder on BOTH my blogs. This one and yummy feed

2: Work harder on learning Mandarin.

3: Join the gym, and actually go.

4: In my spare time (which isn’t a lot) learn more about coding,  analytics and actually take the Google Analytics test.

5: Plan and use my spare time effectively

6: Cook more.  Eat out less.

7: Make more of an effort in my appearance.  (I am the type of girl that rolls out of bed,  grabs the first thing I see in my wardrobe,  brush my teeth, wash my face,  brush my hair and leave kind of girl…)

8: Travel more.

9:  Read more books.  Believe it or not,  I studied English literature and History at university and I don’t think I’ve touched a book since I graduated 🎓…

10: Finally, be more content with my current situation


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