Shampoo to the rescue

With my hair nightmare, my friend Becky saved my life and put me in contact with her friend who was a pro with coloured hair.

Her immediate advice, wash your hair as much as you can with Head N Shoulders to fade the colour. Yes you read right, Head N shoulders strips colour and it does a pretty good job of it. My blue became almost grey like, and my pink, orange.

After my initial consultation with her, we decided on our game plan. Wait another few weeks and try and strip the colour as much as we could with frequent washes. From there, she will colour remove the orange from my hair, colour my roots back to black/ the darkest brown possible, bleach my ends with olaplex and add the colour purple to bleached sections. Her warning, keep a whole day free for this as it would be a lot of work to rescue my hair. Indeed it was. Again it took a good 5-6 hours to fix what Vidal Sasson Academy had done.

I honestly could not have been more happy to see the orange disappear from my head! Who would have thought I would have found black gunk being plastered on my hair so satisfying? Honestly just seeing my hair dark again, I sighed with relief. I didn’t even mind the orange ends!

We were now half way through the process. Bleaching the whole bottom half of my hair was still to come. This would take a further few hours to do. I have a lot of hair and it’s really thick and corse. That’s asian hair for you I guess.

Once the bleaching was complete, the purple hair dye was added to my hair. As a panel of my hair was previously bleached, the purple took well compared to the rest of my hair. It was more vibrant and more like the colour on the bottle. Although the rest of my hair was more resistant to the colour, the outcome was great and I was left with a dusty purple.

With this picture being taken over a 3 weeks ago, my hair colour has now naturally faded. No longer is it purple but green and blue! Something I didn’t expect, but LOVE. Once it fades more, I’ll top it up with the same purple hair dye. I’m eager to see what colour will come out of that!





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