Innisfree near empties

Remember how I did a post a while back about Innisfree, well I took the plunge and bought two items that I took a great interest in.


The Green Tea Seed Serum

 First off I decided to by the Green Tea serum. I have read and watched numerous reviews on this baby and hear nothing but good things. It is one of the best sellers from Innisfree and I can understand why. According to their site this serum is moisturising with organic Jeju green tea and green tea seeds that hydrate your skin from deep within! It contains 100% green tea!
Dual Moisture-Rising Technology™ derived from green tea and green tea seed oil
The fresh green tea deeply hydrates your skin and the green tea seed oil creates a strong moisture barrier to keep your skin moisturised longer.
This serum was great. All you  need is one pump for your whole face and neck. Your skin absorbs it easily and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. The scent is fresh and enjoyable. I have a nose of a bloodhound, and this scent wasn’t at all over bearing. If anything I enjoyed the scent.
Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence 50ml | YESSTYLE

The second item I purchased off YesStyle was the Fresh Essence of the same Green Tea line. The difference is that this particular line – fresh was created for the oily skin type. It is a gel like formula, that melts into your skin. Your skin honestly drinks this up, and it smells so good. It didn’t break me out, and it helped keep my skin supple through the winter.
I currently have a few more pumps of these items left and I will for sure buy them again. I’m just waiting for my holiday to Thailand to purchase these babies and more from the Innisfree store in Bangkok.

7 thoughts on “Innisfree near empties

  1. I love Innisfree Products!
    Unfortunately we don’t have it here in New Zealand so I have to order everything online. Makes it more special though 🙂

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