Pumpkin Sleeping Pack – First impressions

So thanks to my medication (I’m back on the Lymecycline tablets and Epiduo gel) my skin is insanely raw, red and dry. Dry to the extent where my skin has begun peeling off my face. As nasty and painful as that sounds, it’s weirdly gratifying to see my face shed all it’s old layer of skin. I’m just hoping that this extreme dryness subsides and so do my spots.

Usually my skin is combination/ OILY and by midday I’m battling the dreaded t-zone glare.  But this time around, I’m lathering up the moisturiser or using pawpaw on my skin. Yet even the pawpaw doesn’t do much for me… which makes me cry. So when my dear friend gifted me with three sample packs of Too Cool for School Pumpkin sleeping pack.


Other than the cute packaging, the first thing you’ll notice when applying this sleeping pack is the scent. I’m not quite sure how to describe it…but the scent starts to fade, about 5 minutes in. I didn’t mind the smell, and if I’m honest it doesn’t smell anything like pumpkin. The only connection I have to the pumpkin is the light orange colour the gel/ cream. The consistency of the Pumpkin Sleeping Pack is a mix between a very thick cream and a  slippery gel. When applied to the face, it felt cooling and tingled slightly. I’m not sure if that’s because my face is overly sensitive at the moment, or if that is normal?


Even though this pack looks tiny and feels lightweight, there is a LOT of product in this sample. It could easily be used twice, but me being me, I lathered the whole sample on my face. I needed the extra moisture.

When I woke up this morning, I have to admit my face wasn’t as dry as it usually is. Although I still had patches, they were marginally better and I didn’t have any allergic reactions to the product. I think I will definitely use the other samples and consider buying this when I travel to Asia in June.



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