It’s time to GOMO

SO I’m due to fly to Thailand in less than a month now, and I’m wondering, is it too early to start to pack? I’ll admit, my suitcase is already down from the loft staring at me. It’s sitting there empty waiting to be filled… filled to the brim, or half empty so I can bring a multitude of goodies back with me.

I guess the world is filled with 2 kinds of people. Those that pack way, way, way in advanced and those that pack the night before, or like my friend the morning of the flight to the home alone track. Just in case you’re not sure which, I mean this one

Anyways with that aside, summer is almost here and it is time to plan what I am going to do. Let me be real, I can be that girl that likes to stay at home in my PJs watching Netflix. I am that person that compresses all seasons of Game of Thrones into a week. I haven’t done it yet, but it’s on the cards and bound to happen. Probably next week…

So to make sure I don’t end up being a couch potato and soak up all the rays London has to offer (which may not be much) I have decided to come up of a list of things to do with the intention of GOING OUT MORE OFTEN (GOMO) in mind. So this is what I have so far:

  • I want to finally go to the rooftop cinema either in Stratford or Shoreditch because who doesn’t want to watch a film open air?
  • I want to go to splash fest. Not only does it look fun, it’s for a good cause. Here’s a snippet from their press release.

“ London’s first family-friendly aqua obstacle course on Sunday 7 August. Featuring five zones of water-themed challenges and games over a 2.5km trail – as well as a lively event village – SPLASH FEST will see families conquering slides, foam, water spouts and more! Organised by lifesaving charity, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), SPLASH FEST is ideal for families with children aged around 7–12 and promises to be one of this summer’s unmissable events.”

  • I want to go and eat this, because who doesn’t like Matcha these days?


  • I want to visit Kew Gardens and the Sky Garden. I’ve actually never been to either of them, but I hear good things and see some fantastic pictures.
  • I really want to watch aladdin in the West End! It’s one of my all time favourite Disney Classics and watching/ listening to “A whole new world” live might just be the best thing ever.
  • I also want to attend one show at Regents Park Open Air theatre. I’m quite eager to either see Running Wild or Pride and Prejudice. Jesus Christ Superstar also looks quite intriguing, Have any of you ever seen it? Do you recommend it?
  • Oh yes, I’ve also booked the Hello Kitty Cafe that’s popping up in London this summer and I am due to dine there in August. Yes I am such a sucker for Hello Kitty, and even though I am 25 I do have a few kitty teddies around my room.
  • Finally, I want to book a long weekend away somewhere in Europe and just walk around eating good food. I think I’ve been watching too much Rick Stein and Travel man.

Well, here is me praying this summer will be a good one and I do wonder, how many I’ll tick off from this list!

Also, guys if you are looking for events in your area to help inspire you to GOMO  you should definitely check out Eventbrite they will help you find an event in your area, whether you live in London or elsewhere in the world!





*This post was created in collaboration with Eventbrite


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