Clean Face – The Face Shop

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for skincare…especially Korean skincare. For me, their products are beyond anything the west have to offer. So when I stumbled across The Face Shop in Sydney, I just had to buy something, or rather a bunch of things.

My usual skincare routine consists of Cetaphil and Clinique. I’ve been an avid fan of both these brands, and I’ve been using them for years. I first started using the Clinique (the anti-blemish and lotion number 3 lines) during my Uni years and have continued ever since. So I’ve been using Clinique for a grand total of 6+ years. 😨  but recently I feel my skin is growing some tolerance towards these products and I need a change up in routine and this is where clean face comes into play.


So these bottles are really quite pretty in terms of their colour scheme and logo. I particularly like the copper coloured lids. You probably can’t tell from the pictures above but these bottles are actually made from glass with a layer of plastic on top. Don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s a bit impractical to make these bottles out of glass, just because it makes them so damn heavy and potentially fragile. Just to bring them back to the UK, I had to make sure they were wrapped in bubble wrap and I had to make sure my suitcase wasn’t overweight. When all 3 are together, they can easily come up to a couple kilos ( I can’t quite remember how much) but they do have some weight to them. To be fair, my situation of lugging them home probably won’t be an issue for everyone, but it could be for a few if you want to take them on holiday with you. Just to emphasise this a bit more, I recently cracked the bottle *cry*

But more about the product.

The toner has quite a strong herbal fragrance but I quite enjoy it. It’s refreshing on the face, and better yet, it didn’t irritate my face or break me out.

The lotion has a similar fragrance, and is quite light and absorbs easily into the skin. The only 2 issues I have with it though. First, it contains no SPF and secondly, getting any lotion out from this bottle is like me getting ketchup out from a glass heinz bottle. It’s either nothing, or too much!

The oil Control essence is a great product, and it does exactly what it says. It controls my oily t-zone. In the form of a lotion, one pump is more than enough to combat my shine and leave me with a velvety soft face! It has a slightly different scent to the toner and lotion but I didn’t mind it at all.

The countdown to Thailand begins. I have 1 week left, and I’ve made sure to leave ample space and weight allowance so I can bring back some great asian goodies home!



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