Published Work

a selection of my professional written work.
Timeout beijing

Home Plate wants your clothes – A blog post about a local charity in the heart of Beijing and the need for clothes.

Alcohol ALPHABET: XYZ cocktail – A small article on all the things you need to know about this alcoholic beverage.

Hanging tough aerial silks – A page long article about a fun way to get fit in Beijing

Black Ballad

Top things to do in Beijing – My personal opinions and tips of where to go in Beijing and what apps came in handy!

Great British Chefs

Within my time at GBC, I have written a number guest posts for third-party blogs or publishers. However, under my name, you will find these posts:

Nostalgic British Food– A blog post about some classic dishes which are being re-created for the 21st Century.

Jiang Bing, the crepe of the East– Check out what I ate on the go in Beijing.

Durian- The King of Fruits.  Can you move past the smell and try the custard like flesh?



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