A little bit of everything and more…

Ok this post is very delayed and I do apologise for that. I have been super busy with another project! Even though it was almost a month ago I thought I would share my Halloween outfit. Inspired by the day of the dead, I choose to paint my face for the Halloween party. Not only was this pretty simple to do myself it was also really fun to see people’s reaction, especially on the London Underground!! To create this look, I made a visit to my local shopping area and picked up some face paint from Wilkinsons and Claire’s. From Wilkinson’s I bought various face paints for £1 each but only ended up using black and white. From Claire’s I noticed they sold a well known brand called Snazaroo. The only thing I didn’t like is that it can stain your face after use.


One thing I am in love with at the moment is this scarf. I’ve been seeing this scarf everywhere and I thought where can I buy it from?! After a few minutes the word Ebay came to mind and it was there selling for only £9.99 including P&P. When it finally  arrived I was pleasantly surprised at its quality and thickness. Definitely keeps me warm on the chilly commute to work and home. It also makes a great blanket for when it gets cold in the office!

I think I am slightly obsessed with Kindle Unlimited and their Audio Books. I have to be honest, after my degree I haven’t been interested in reading books like I once use to. When I saw this month free trial I thought why not. Now en route to work and home every day I no longer listen to music but rather my audio book. So far I’ve listened to at least 7 books including The Hunger Games Trilogy, Life of Pi, World War Z and the Last train to Istanbul. Again, I’m slightly obsessed…



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